Woman Carries the Monstrance For Corpus Christi

Last Thursday, in the municipality of Kirchbach, St Pölten diocese (eastern Austria), pastoral assistant Sabine Latzenhofer, carried the monstrance below a baldachin for the Corpus Christi procession. Latzenhofer also read the gospel and blessed the faithful with holy water.

St Pölten diocese is run by Opus Dei Bishop Klaus Küng (76).


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Why? Had the priest gone out for a beer and chips?
@Jungerheld book a pew at the local sspx chapel, they seem to be more in than out these days....guarenteed theres no funny buissness
Just today i had the misfortune of being to far away of the oratory to get to an evening mass. Bad planing on my part. So i went to a local church. Where the priest swabbed his sweaty brow with a purificator, amd wisjed eberyone goodevening in the mass, and had a woman extraordinary eucharistic minister. After mass, i was shooed out in the middle of the third decade of the rosary, by the … More
If this being forced down our throats is inevitable, I guess we can't have "healthy decentralization" soon enough. What is a Catholic to do?
Where's a ordained priest ?
What do you expect? Its austrians....