Vow of Silence loophole

@Jungerheld Look at this way, do you think priest celibacy should be poked fun at? If you want to make jokes, make fun of the protestants, jews, muslims, etc. They hold the evil stupid beliefs that lead souls to hell. just reminded me of a joke. But I'm thinking...
@mattsixteen24 as Jesus said they hated me so they will hate you, there is no funny side to mocking God, @Jungerheld men rush in where angels fear to tread
Unite the clans. It's a cartoon lighten up guys
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Ugh... @mattsixteen24 has called me out again. Ok, does anyone else want to agree with @mattsixteen24? I only thought it was humorous because no God-fearing, God-loving monk would wish to break a vow of silence... Sort of like the young religious brother I worked with last week that hasn't had a cell phone in 5 years because "it's not up to me". What a witness...
Jungerheld Don't you worry about mattsixteen. His god hates joy and laughter and jokes almost as much as he hates jews.
2. Thou shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.
Commands: reverence in speaking about God and holy things; the keeping of oaths and vows.
Forbids: blasphemy, the irreverent use of God's name (i.e. Jesus, Jesus Christ's name), speaking disrespectfully of holy things, false, oaths, and the breaking vows.
Dr Bobus
How does that apply to a cartoon,?
It's mocking the Catholic faith. It's speaking disrespectfully of holy things. It's not funny. Like I mentioned to jungerheld, would you make fun of priest celibacy? This is the enemies tactic. It's what they do on late night tv. If jungerheld wants to post cartoons, posts one that makes fun of false religions. Not our faith!!