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Poland: Two Roman Cardinals Wanted To Rehabilitate Polish Gay Abuser Archbishop

The Polish bishops should declare that former Poznań Archbishop Juliusz Paetz, 83, a rampant homosexual, is guilty of gay abuses, Father Tadeusz Isakowicz Zaleski told TV Poland. Paetz retired in 2002 but still participates in Church events.

Instrumental for Paetz' removal was Father Tadeusz Karkosz, then rector of Poznań seminary. When he told the nuncio in Warsaw that Paetz was a danger for his own seminarians, the nuncio scolded him.

Karkosz, therefore, wrote to John Paul II’s personal secretary and to Cardinal Ratzinger. The latter accepted the accusations but took no action. Finally Karkosz sent a letter to John Paul II through Wanda Poltawska, the Pope's longtime friend.

Isakowicz claimed that two Curia cardinals tried to rehabilitate Paetz as late as 2010. In front of, Isakowicz identified them as Angelo Sodano and Giovanni Battista Re.

They were stopped after the present Poznań Archbishop threatened with his resignation if a Paetz rehabilitation would go through.

Picture: Juliusz Paetz, © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsKbmjjuswqs
Comme quoi ils sont tous pareils.
Comme sont toutes pareilles les casquettes parlantes comme on le voit ici : L'Antéchrist dit aux bons catholiques : Vade retro Satanas !
Dr Bobus
Sodano was a protector of Maciel. Both Cardinals, Sodano and Re, were professional diplomats, desk jockeys who lack understanding of the problems in the Church because they are out of touch. They think the scandals are just part of a conspiracy by the enemies of the Church.

When the scandals began to break in the Church more than ten years ago, I heard a similar attitude expressed in a homily … More
More of the usual homo mafia stuff.