Cardinal Marx Is An Opportunist - Two Examples

Dorothee Bär, a minister of state in the Merkel government, has criticised Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx for being a turncoat without using this word.

Talking to Handelsblatt (April 30), Bär called Marx’ criticism of the decision to put up crosses in public buildings in Bavaria, Germany, “puzzling”.

She points out that only three years ago Marx pleaded publicly for the crosses in schools and courtrooms.

Cardinal Marx is also a turncoat concerning his position in favour of Protestant Communion.

When being bishop of Trier, Marx stripped modernist Father Gotthold Hasenhüttl in 2003 of his priesthood because Hasenhüttl had invited Protestants to receive Holy Communion during the Ecumenical Church Day in Berlin.

Picture: Reinhard Marx, © Michael Thaidigsmann, CC BY-SA, #newsXzommmrrde
Dr Bobus
Very few people get promoted after they take a position contradicting the boss. George Catlett Marshall actually was promoted after he told FDR that he was wrong--and years earlier, Gen Pershing.

In fact, one characteristic of a good manager is listening to the views of those subordinates who disagree.