First Woman To Head Vatican Dicastery – Pell’s Successor

Claudia Ciocca, who presently is a director in the Vatican Secretariat for the Economy, will soon be named its Prefect, (April 26) reports.

Ciocca will take over from Martyr Cardinal George Pell who is imprisoned in Australia for "child abuses" he could not have committed.

The Italian will be the first woman to head a Vatican dicastery. Ciocca started working for the Vatican in 2013 as an expert of the auditing company KPMG. Later she was hired by the Holy See.

She is also teaching in the Roman Opus Dei University Santa Croce.

Are you sure???? She looks just like all the other gay men in the Vatican.
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Jim Dorchak that's horrible! ...and true :D If it wasn't for the more conservative hairstyle, Ms. Ciocca looks very much like mid-90s Marilyn Manson during his short-lived (for one album) "glam-rock" era.
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