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Protestant Prime Minister Not Afraid of Catholic Tradition

A Carmelite friar blessed Hungarian Prime Minster Victor Orbán’s new offices in Buda Castle, Budapest, on Epiphany.

Orbán is a Protestant who is married to a Catholic. He is very favorable to the Catholic Church.

The friar wrote above the Prime Minister’s door the letters C-M-B, standing for the Latin Christus Mansionem Benedicat (Christ blesses this dwelling).

The office is housed in a former Carmelite monastery, built on the former site of a mosque that was destroyed in 1686 during the siege that liberated Buda from Turkish occupation.

Recently, Orbán built a fence on the country’s southern border, saving Europe from millions of immigrants.

Hungary’s constitution, amended by Orbán, confirms the Christian origin of the country, the protection of the family and other Christian values.


Has anyone read the new book called "Hail Mary"? This books explains why protestant should most definitely be reciting the Hail Mary. We know it is in scripture, but Blessed Mother is a invocation to Jesus. Blessed Mother was the first Christian among us. God chose her before making the world. You know she is special to be the Mother of God. Oh, if we would all pray the Rosary daily, what … More