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Head of Vatican Bank Calls on Brussels Cardinal

The head of the Vatican Bank, Jean-Baptiste de Franssu and his wife Hélène have criticized Brussels Cardinal Jozeph de Kesel.

The reason: This summer, Kesel forced the Monastic Fraternity of Jerusalem out of the parish of Saint-Gilles in Brussels under the pretext of re-organizing the parishes. Kesel was not willing to offer them a suitable alternative.

In an op-ed in the Belgian newspaper La Libre (November 8) the de Franssu write that there is still hope to stop the departure. Without naming him they call on Cardinal Kesel to create and facilitate a solution.

Kesel is a Modernist and follower of Pope Francis’ politics. Accordingly, his archdiocese is devoid of vocations.

Picture: © Витольд Муратов, CC BY-SA, #newsKbfxfkhrda
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GJA Taylor
Card Kesel - just resign now, before you are pushed. You are a disgrace.