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Sydney Archbishop Apologises to Youth for Liberal Crimes

Archbishop Anthony Fisher of Sydney, Australia, offered in his statement at the ongoing Youth Synod an apology to young people for:

• poor catechesis,
• not giving a moral compass,
• ambiguous Church people,
• offering unbeautiful liturgy,
• not sharing Church traditions like Confession and adoration,
• dioceses and religious orders that adopted a “contraceptive mentality”.

Liberal prelates consider most of these abuses as "progress".

Picture: © Mazur/ CC BY-NC-SA, #newsByuqqusrvm
alex j
The 'Pentacostal' type of liturgy has been banned by the Magisterium for ages. The major difficulty for Pentacostal adherents, including Pope Francis, is around the claiming of a direct 'pipeline'to the HOLY SPIRIT, if this be true, what need of a Church Hierarchy? Common sense should be sufficient to discount claims of a "privileged direct hotline to the HOLY Spirit. The very presumption of … More
If you see other post ("There is very much a draw to Traditional Liturgy by young people") about Traditional Liturgy, Archbishop Fisher believes "pentacostal" type masses are okay. He says people are tired of that same old tedious mass.....
Roberto 55
stop apologizes and start "good job" according to Jesus' teaching
De Profundis
What Youth Want