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Hungarian Bishop Calls For Married Priests

Bishop Miklós Beer, 74, of Vác, Hungary, will be asking Pope Francis to end priestly celibacy, he told Beer calls for married priests because of an alleged shortage of priests. …
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What is wrong with these clowns, do they not know their faith, do they not know Priests are already married to the church. The bride of Christ.. No obviously they don't, therefore they are not priests they are bums. Jesus said you can not serve two masters.
GJA Taylor
Lord Jesus, please have mercy and send us real men of faith as bishops.
Way to go , bishop. No need for consecrated virgins in the Church who devote themselves entirely to God. That would be asking the impossible, right?
BrTomFordeOFMCap thanks for correcting, you are right.
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charisma I think you have phrased yourself poorly. I think you wished to say that Bishop Beer (oh how the English speaking media would love that name) wants to ordain married men rather than "to add ordained men (to be able to provide new priests for the parishes) to the existing (unmarried) priests". But you are right that ordaining married men would undermine the value of celibacy. Even the … More
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I'm afraid this article is more than misleading and confusing.
Bp. Beer does not want to end priestly celibacy BUT to add ordained men (to be able to provide new priests for the parishes) to the existing (unmarried) priests.
This is a big difference. Nevertheless it is a pity this will further destroy the status of celibacy as a value provided only for Jesus Christ.