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Australian Gay Hunt On Christian Minorities Is Going To Start

After the Australian vote in favour of gay pseudo-marriage, the parliament is now mulling a law allowing religious professionals to refuse performing gay pseudo-weddings.

This law will not offer any protection for other individuals and businesses neither is the parents’ right granted to remove their children from gay-indoctrination in school.

The Australian attorney-general George Brandis plans to diminish religious freedom: “If it’s legally and morally wrong to discriminate against one gay person, I don’t know how it becomes right to discriminate against two”, he is quoted by the Catholic Herald.

Picture: © Eva Rinaldi, CC BY-SA, #newsJeeazwytbm
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I hope they will repent for God to have mercy on them
its an aberration that could cost their souls
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De Profundis
Amongst UK 16-24 year olds: 50% have never heard of Lenin. 70% have never heard of Mao. 72% have never heard of Pol Pot. I think this helps explain why so many are prepared to back those (including Corbyn) who have flirted with the totalitarian far-left.
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Joseph a' Christian
"Psuedo marriage" is a proper description of this absurd, disgusting fantasy.
Homosexuals are deformed creatures, most likely deficient of the fluid named testosterone.
The approval of this disorder from pagan governments and false protestant churches, causes homosexuals to suffer terribly from hepatitis and numerous other diseases.

The world promotes anguish.
Jesus Is Peace, Life, Love.
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