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Gay Church: "You Speak, We Will Crush You”

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick's sexual advances and activity have been reported by “numerous seminarians and priests", Richard Sipe, 85, wrote already in summer 2016 in a dossier published on his website

Sipe is a former priest married to a former nun. He worked and wrote as psychotherapist and has been a witness in 57 lawsuits against Catholic clergy.

He writes in the dossier about a settlement between McCarrick and a priest which speaks about McCarrick's homosexual activity involving three priests.

Sipe explains, that priests usually don’t speak about the homosexual activity of a superior because they would risk losing everything – employment, status,

“If they were a partner in the [homo]sexual activity and ‘come out’, they become a pariah and are labelled as traitors.”

Sipe quotes one priest in the McCarrick framework who was told by McCarrick's liberal chancery office, “If you speak with the press we will crush you.”

Picture: Theodore McCarrick, © Speaker John Boehner, CC BY-NC, #newsGfiwzmhbmu
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De Profundis
The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the Catholic University has voted unanimously to withdraw the honorary degree awarded to McCarrick in 2006. This is the first time the Catholic University has rescinded an honorary degree.
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Hermanos católicos el moderador que controla el foro en español censuró esta Noticia. Hasta cuando los fieles católicos hispanos vamos a permitir este abuso.
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The newspaper proprietors now [a century ago] possess England almost entirely because they are typical rich men, and not because they are typical men who happen to be rich.
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In the end.....guess who is going to be CRUSHED?! And guess BY WHOM??!! It will be Christ Himself that will CRUSH the Queer Church, and ALL the evil perpetrators inside of it.
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