Spanish bishop publishes ex-gay testimonies

Spanish bishop publishes ex-gay testimonies on diocesan website after attacks from homosexual groups

Juan Antonio Reig Plà, the Catholic bishop of the Spanish diocese of Alcalá De Henares, has responded to recent attacks by homosexual groups by posting testimonies on his website of individuals who rejoice in their abandonment of the homosexual lifestyle.

“I want to thank especially those who feel, or have felt, Same-Sex Attraction (SSA), and have seen fit to send me your testimonies; more than one hundred of you have written your experiences up to now,” writes Reig Plà. “I must thank you because I have seen in them the hand of God and I have learned much from your suffering and your hopes.”

Bishop Juan Antonio Reig Plà

He adds that those who have written “are collaborating in this way to break the barrier of silence regarding the possibility of change for those who freely wish to do so, and that’s why it’s important to publish and spread them!”

The letters were published following a controversy created by a sermon given by Reig Plà on Good Friday, in which he compared the misery of those who are living the homosexual lifestyle to hell.

He then generated outrage from homosexual and socialist groups by recommending therapy for homosexuals in a follow-up interview. The testimonies the bishop published speak of the suffering entailed in the homosexual lifestyle, as well as hope for overcoming homosexual tendencies.

“I was 18 years old when I became entangled in the first SSA relationship,” writes a 22-year-old woman whose name, like that of the other writers, is withheld. “It all began through curiosity, and to do something different, but it ended up in a sea of confusion.”


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For certain a homosexual orientation is a defect from God's plan and that following the feelings to commit homosexual acts is sinful.

However, the bishop is a bishop, and not a doctor or a neural scientist, and he isn't in an authoritative position to speak about whether homosexual tendencies can be cured through therapy.

I think he and others in the church are putting themselves in a dangerous position if they go beyond what is written in the catechism about the sinfulness of the acts, and … [Espandi]