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Italian Bishop Hammers Against Humanae Vitae

Avvenire, the daily of the Italian Bishops, has attacked Paul VI’s encyclical Humanae Vitae that forbids artificial contraception. The blow was struck on October 30 by the Ex-Bishop of Ivrea, Luigi Bettazzi, 94, a notorious modernist.

Bettazzi wants to “re-think the question”. Without presenting any evidence he claims that “today the social situation is profoundly different and also the theological reflection has progressed greatly.”

In fact, Humanae Vitae was not heeded by most of the bishops and many Catholics. As a consequence, the Church has remained without children, without families and without a future.

Picture: Luigi Bettazzi, #newsJmelutekkt
De Profundis
The Smoke of Satan is choking this man.
Jim Dorchak
Can you hear it? Listen hard.............
It is the sound of the grave calling the apostates to the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic, Church.
The Bride of Christ!
these Clergies ,dont make any sense ,quoting what this one says .Today the social situation is profoudly different and also the theological reflection has progressed greatly , Does it mean Jesus,s ,Gospel and the church,s 2000 doctrine does not apply to this generation because ,1st we are better and smarter than the other generations ,?2nd Because we are so better and smarter we have no sins , … More
Dr Bobus
The prohibition pertains to all contraception, not just what is artificial