Austrian Diocese Allows Gay Shooting in Famous Basilica

Photo shootings for the June 2 gay Life Ball in Vienna, Austria, have been done in the beautiful baroque basilica St Michael in Mondsee, Linz diocese.

This year's Life Ball is dedicated to the movie "The Sound of Music" whose central character, Maria Trapp, was re-enacted during the shootings by Mr. Thomas Neuwirth, a bearded homosexual who dresses as a woman and calls himself Conchita Wurst. St Michael Basilica appears in the original film. During the shootings for the same occasion, but at a different location, Mr. Neuwirth dressed as a nun in full habit.

It can be assumed that Linz Bishop Manfred Scheuer has allowed the mockery.

Vienna Cardinal Schönborn is a friend of the homosexual Life Ball organizer Gery Keszler whom he regularly meets for private dinners. On December 1, Schönborn celebrated with Keszler and Neuwirth a secular Aids liturgy in Vienna Cathedral.

Before his conversion to the homosexual ideology, Schönborn called the Life Ball "desolate" and a "pagan festival".

Jim Dorchak
The sick and evil seem really prominent in Germany.
What is worse is that it is encouraged and assisted by the very ones who are there to protect us and our patrimony.
the world today is upside down
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There are so many queer, fake priests and bishops that only intervention by our Lord Jesus will korrekt this sad torment.
The evil ones kontrol the buildings, yet the lovers of Jesus have the faith.
The faithful must unite, the falling away of the tepid slabs of dead meat, false catholics, is an avalanche.
Every Holy Word, spoken by our Christ Jesus, is Truth.
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