Convicted Child Porn Consumer Was Bishop’s Secretary, Stays Employed

Child porn was discovered on the office computer of a deacon in Limburg diocese, Germany, in 2017.

Im May 2018, a civil court imposed on him without trial a fine of 12'000 Euro.

Last month, a Church trial convicted the deacon to 150 days non-paid social work but did not dismiss him from the clerical state. He now works in Church administration and is banned from liturgical duties for five years.

Until the scandal broke, the deacon was the personal secretary and office manager of liberal Limburg Bishop Georg Bätzing, and also an instructor for permanent deacons.

Had he challenged his bishop's liberal views, he would likely have been fired.

Picture: Limburg, © Mylius, wikicommons CC BY-SA, #newsWzoqitvuhp
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