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Pure Evil: The Bogus Accusations Against Cardinal Pell

In 2002 a Melbourne man claimed, he was abused by Pell in 1962 at a camp when he was 12 and Pell was a seminarian. The accuser was a violent drunken drug addict, who was convicted 39 times and served nearly four years in prison. His allegations were thrown out of court.

Later, Pell was accused of having inappropriately touched two boys in a swimming pool in the 1970s. The first, Lyndon Monument is a drinker, drug-addict and drug dealer who assaulted his girlfriend and spent 11 months in prison. The second, Damian Dignan, has a history of violence, and was arrested for drunk driving. Both have made accusations against former teachers. The pool manager's wife testified that “neither she nor her husband ever saw anything untoward".

Catholic League's Bill Donohue summarizes, "Cardinal George Pell has long been targeted by homosexual activists, drug addicts, thugs, and ideologically driven reporters."

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He should not be trialed under civil law which is the accomplishment of the great theological, philosophical and social revolutions of the last 500 years, from Luter to Frankfurt school. It is the the example of false Church and state separation which leverages civil law over God's law.
Witch hunt at its best.. Pure Evil from all fronts, he is a target from both within the church and out.. Cardinal Pell and those who remain faithful to Christ in the western world are Christian martyrs.. So sorry for C Pell after everything he did in the 90's to expose those wolves in sheep clothing, to helping the poor victims and he suffers this false and many other false accusations in order … More