Vatican Wants To Unmask Author of “The Dictator Pope”

Pope Francis had been given a list of six names who possibly wrote The Dictator Pope.

The anonymous author told Catholic Herald (December 13) via email that he will eventually be unmasked since the Vatican machine has taken espionage to a new level.

According to him a person in England was misidentified as the author at one point and immediately received threatening telephone calls from Rome.


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Dr Bobus
This news contradicts the comment by Abp Fernandez that the Pope is not bothered by criticisms of him.

Beam me up, Scotty. There's no intelligent life down here. More
Where can I read this book?
Dictator popes don't take to criticism well. They will hunt you down like a dirty dog and silence you. Not very pope-like.
Why Vatican wants to unmask the author of that book ,does not Pope Francis say that we have to follow our consciences? .besides whats to be afraid of ,catholics already know enough about the pope by his actions and what he says
Oh I thought Bergoglio was sleeping soundly after this book came out. That’s what archbishop kissy face said.
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This Bergoglio is a thug and runs the Vatican like a South American dictator giverns a banana republic. I have long believed that the Catholic Church should NOT be a sovereign entity. So this is what you get when you mix Spiritual and temporal. Heck, just look at the Vatican Bank. That money laundering facility has been corrupt long before Bergoglio.