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Modern Bishops Lie Like Politicians: Wuerl Denies Having Denied [Despite Video Proof]

Washington Cardinal Donald Wuerl acknowledged in a January 12 letter to his priests that he knew about abuse allegation against the Cardinal Theodore McCarrick back in 2004.

Wuerl explains that his recent denials of knowledge about McCarrick’s alleged misdeeds "pertained only to the sexual abuse of minors”.

But in an interview with CBS News in August 2018 (video below), Wuerl was asked if he was aware McCarrick was having relationships “with other priests” [thus adults].

Wuerl denied with a big smile, “No, no.” (January 14) points out, that Wuerl also told a radio station that he hadn’t heard any rumors about McCarrick engaging in sexual misconduct.

Because the notion of truth is smiled at in modern theology, modern bishops have no inhibitions to lie at will.

Picture: Donald Wuerl, #newsPurneoyakx

... just flush the guy out ... he's not bringing anything to the society but damaging it .. put him away for 99 yrs on bread and water ... and after that release him to the Lion of Juda ...
Pray for them, eternity is never ending,,,,
If they were as good Catholics as they are liars, they would be saints.