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Viganò Gone

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Msgr. Dario Viganò as Prefect of the Secretariat for Communications.

He has been replaced by Msgr. Lucio Adrian Ruiz, former head of the Vatican Internet Service.

This comes after Viganó published and manipulated a letter he had received as an answer from Benedict XVI.

The true reasons for Viganó's resignation remain however unclear as in the Vatican incompetence has never been a reason to dismiss people who bow in front of their superiors.

Pope Francis has now named Viganò "assessor" for the Dicastery of Communication whose prefect Viganò has been until today.

Picture: Dario Viganò, © Associazione Amici di Piero Chiara CC BY-SA, #newsFnxczitdiz mentioned this post in Semi-Official Vatican Oulet Accuses Vatican News Chief of Manipulation.
De Profundis
The initial study of Viganò's project "Vatican News" (combining Vatican media) was entrusted to McKinsey (€420,000 consultancy plus expenses).
The next to tender his resignation because of incompetence will be Greg Burke, as Director of the Press Office. Then, Archbishop Paglia, for his bloody incompetence in leading the Pontifical Academy for Life. The list is not complete.
Lisi Sterndorfer
Robert Royal, editor of The Catholic Thing and member of the ‘papal posse’ on EWTN’s The World Over, told LifeSiteNews: Viganò “had to do it.” “You can’t be the head of Vatican communications after such a fiasco. I see that he’ll be hanging around as an advisor for a while, odd thing given what’s happened. It will be interesting to see where he goes next,” Royal said.
Viganò must be Suspended a Divinis, who said that it is enough for a delinquent to resign his position.
For this penalty a Divinis Viganò must be banned
• All pastoral work to the faithful
• The public celebration of the Eucharist and the preaching to the faithful
• Confess the faithful.

Code of Canon Law Can. 1391 The following can be punished with a just penalty, according to the gravity of … More
And Sorondo is still lurking about. Drain the swamp!
Benedict signed the letter as Benedict xvi - no emeritus there.
Viganò, find your consolation in prayer now. Look at the one unchanging, "As God is supremely immutable, it supremely belongs to Him to be eternal. Nor is He eternal only; but He is His own eternity; whereas, no other being is its own duration, as no other is its own being." - Aquinas.
Mgr Dario Vigano oversaw the filming of Benedict XVI's 2013 departure from the Vatican by helicopter described as "Fellini's 'La Dolce Vita' in reverse." But he found reforming Vatican communications a lot more tricky
Breitbart has made a very good point about this scandal: The Vatican’s manipulation of the photograph, which the Associated Press (AP) said “violated photojournalist industry standards,” came just two months after Pope Francis railed against disinformation and “fake news” in his annual Message for the World Day of Communications.
Vatican has moved on from this rather embarrassing lettergate.