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The Difference Between John Paul II and Francis

With scholastic realism, John Paul II believed that, in theology, 2+2 = 4. He did not subscribe to a Hegelian synthesis whereby truth is what is left after “making a mess”.

From an article of Father George Rutler in the Catholic Herald
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The difference between John Paul II and Francis is that there is none, except that Francis removes the verni, that's all.
Sunamis 46
franicis just washed muslims their feet, and took off from lampedusa without christians
Sunamis 46
jp2 was against abortion
The end must be near! Francis is one of the worse Popes the Catholic Church has ever had!
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Jim Dorchak
One was a Catholic Pope who lead the First Church Of Christ!
Another difference is that JPII kissed the Koran, and so far Francis hasn't .