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“Catholic Doctrine is Not Subject to Paradigm Shifts”

Cardinal Piero Parolin's claim that Amoris Laetitia has resulted from a “new paradigm” was sharply criticised by Father Gerald Murray, a canon lawyer and New York priest.

Talking to EWTN (January 11) Murray explained that "paradigm" is a political category while “Catholic Doctrine is not subject to paradigm shifts" but is "a treasure given by Christ and entrusted to the Church to be promoted, defended, explained.”

Murray suspects that Parolin means that we should forget a part of John Paul II's teaching.

Picture: Piero Parolin, © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsOuazatzljj
This design of the Paul VI Audience Hall cannot be a coincidence, therefore the statement of Paul VI sounds ironic: "Satan's smoke has entered the Church through a gap!"
The Vatican Council II instigators apparently did not accept the traditional and absolute truth from the Bible, because they ignore the evidence of Jesus that He has conquered the world through His obedience to the Law.
"Do not … More
Talking about a "new paradigm"

Who do you think chose THIS as a design for the Paul VI hall in Rome?
It does more to state just WHOM these mini serpents are honouring than many people realise....
Stonka Ziemniaczana
Father Murray - being probably a very good canonist or theologian - doesn't understand a simple thing. This bunch of heretics and apostates will shift any pardigm they want. And they will not listen to any voice of "true and humble theologian".
We have to show their heresy and satanism. We have to kick them off the church. That's all.
Conscience will override everything. If you feel good about yourself, all is OK, you can receive Holy Communion, etc.
We'll end up in a position where the doctrines are there in an advisory capacity only. Follow their wisdom if you will, but nothing is actually binding.