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Pro-Death Jesuit Attacks Pro-Life Cardinal

Cardinal Jorge Medina, 90, a former prefect of the Congregation for Worship who spends his retirement in Chile, wrote a letter to the editor of the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio against introducing abortion into the country. He also called citizens not to vote for the Christian Democrat Carolina Goic because she is pro-death, "Those who become complicit in such an atrocity should not receive the vote of any Christian."

Talking to a radio station Jesuit Father Felipe Berríos reviled Medina calling his letter against murdering unborn children "aggressive", "a typical pastoral of terror" and "a letter without soul that does not see the soul of the persons".

Berríos is a left-wing activist who is protected by the powerful commercial media for whom he also writes.

Picture: Jorge Medina, © Biblioteca Congreso Nacional de Chile , CC BY, #newsCiksaiffrr

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GJA Taylor
maybe card. Ezzati and these jesuit clergy could be offered vast sums of money to set up some sort of la la land new society, where they could have conferences, commissions, gatherings and blether away their sad lives to the media about how important they are and just how meaningful what they have to say really really is. Lets send the huge amounts of cash to the Holy Father for him to dish out … More
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Jim Dorchak
There is a BIG PROBLEM in Santiago Chile. I live here in Chile. It is the current Cardinal Arch Bishop of Santiago who recently interviewed said:

Corrispondenza Romana (CR) has published an exposé on Cardinal Enrico Ezzati, Archbishop of Santiago Chile, who, contrary to the constant teaching of the Church and the Fifth Commandment itself, views the legalization of abortion as a purely … More
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