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Schönborn: Unrepentant Adulterers May Receive Communion

Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn claimed during a talk on July 13 in Limerick, Ireland, that Amoris Laetitia truly expresses the Catholic Faith, writes Greg Daly on Twitter. Schönborn explained …
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Dr Bobus
Cdl Schonborn has all the principles of a seismograph.
GJA Taylor
Card. Schonborn is so wrong, it is not Catholic at all. How can these men in dress up patronise us so easily - and think we will just go along with there drivel? The arrogance is simply staggering. Just ignore these wolves.
Good Quote: "Wolves in sheep's clothing are dangerous. Wolves in sheperd's clothing are worse."
We're back in 2+2=5. If you answer "yes" to dubium 1, you can't answer yes to all the others