German Bishop Threatens With "Spiritual and Historical Tsunami"

"We are in a crisis and face a rupture which perhaps is even deeper than the Reformation, and at the beginning of a spiritual and historical tsunami."

Essen Bishop Franz-Josef Overbeck conveyed this message of doom to a 25 May convention at the Faculty of "Catholic" Theology in Münster, Germany.

Overbeck sets his hopes on the German Bishop's "Synodal Way" which according to him should yield "concrete" and "binding" results, lest the Church would be threatened by "complete irrelevance", he threatened.

Overbeck wants to "develop" [change] Church doctrine which, according to him, needs a "systematic reception" of "social- and human-scientific findings." This mantra is usually repeated to push for the Church's acceptance of gay-fornication.

Overbeck also polemicized against "assuring the Church's internal identity," although no community can be successful without this.

The alleged reforms called for by people like Overbeck are those that have already led the German State Protestants into "total insignificance."

Picture: Franz-Josef Overbeck, © Olaf Kosinsky, CC BY-SA, #newsBdyfqzxyrq
Honestly I think mass unbelief must be the sam of those who wish to make the Conciliar priesthood a club for mentally clouded homosexuals.
This presents clearly two different camps.
Don't let yourself be fooled. It's one camp. There is not a single Catholic bishop left. They are as much two camps as Democrats and Republicans are two different parties.