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Connecting Celibacy With Abuse Is Inhuman Ideology - Cardinal Müller

It is a “discriminatory misrepresentation” that celibate persons are “particularly predisposed" to sexual crimes, Cardinal Gerhard Müller wrote to DPA (January 1).

Müller called it an “inhuman ideology” to use clerical abuses in order to fight celibacy, a way of life which is recommended by the Gospel.

Müller's words regard first and foremost Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx who propagates an alleged link between celibacy and abuse.

The German bishops’ (November 20) wrote for instance that in taking further measures against abuses the bishops want to reconsider celibacy.

Picture: Gerhard Ludwig Müller, © Mazur/, CC BY-SA, #newsKfijzxkdvv
Celibacy is from God abuse is evil
Marx repeated at the new year 2019 withing a further "development of doctrine" that looks at "concrete situations", considering the "Gospels at a concrete point of history". Rethinking the role of "priestly and episcopal service." On the way to a new Church.
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