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Cardinal Müller Counters Crisis - With a Four-Page-Creed

Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller published on February 8 a four page Manifesto of the Faith in which he repeats the main tenets of Catholic doctrine, eternal damnation included.

Müller does not directly challenge any heretical prelate nor Pope Francis’ recent heretical claims that God wills false religions.

Müller urges to “resist” a relapse into ancient heresies which view Jesus Christ as “only a good person, brother and friend, prophet and moralist”.

He points out that the distinction of the persons in the Trinity fundamentally distinguishes Christianity from other religions, "Religions disagree precisely over this belief in Jesus the Christ."

Müller notices that today “bishops” fail to proclaim the Gospel and “prefer to be politicians”.

Further he reasserts the fact that remarried divorcees cannot receive Holy Communion fruitfully - while Francis opposes this fundamental truth of Catholic doctrine.

Picture: Gerhard Luwig Müller, © Mazur/, CC BY-SA, #newsMtdvqycxma mentioned this post in President of Polish Bishops: Kasper’s Critique Against Cardinal Müller “Unjust”.
Philip Pullella (Reuters) interprets Müller as attack against Francis
Which part of Cardinal Müller manifesto is in opposition to Pope Francis? I would assume the Holy Father would agree with each and every word of it. The most ardent defenders of Pope Francis seem keen to invent and over-exaggerate the so-called opposition to the Pope.
Francis may very well agree. Depends on the audience, though. Would that Francis's "defenders" actually cared about him.
If Pope Francis would be asked about the matter directly, he would simply say that it’s a great text and that he’s grateful to Muller for having written it. What does Müller think he is going to achieve?
Cardinal Muller just did something giagantic. It may not seem like it, but think about it, muller just set the stage for all the surpents to be exposed (on a much deeper level). By publicly outlining what is clearly not acceptable in our faith, muller has laid the platform for those individuals to attack openly. Muller can then take the next step in front of a Grand jury, and begin the court … More
Mueller is putting a necessary correction in the public sphere to combat the manufactured ambiguity coming from our Holy Father.
Team Bergoglio attacks the integrity and motives of Cardinal Mü

Attacking the motives is a sidetrack to avoid what the document actually says.
"I believe in God the Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth."
"Why do you always have to attack Pope Francis like that?"
When will it be that Cardinal Burke and Müller will defend the Catholic faith by publicly correcting the apostate Bergoglio to deposing him?