"In Certain Territories": Francis Keeps Undermining Priestly Celibacy

Pope Francis has alleged that there can be "different disciplinary choices" concerning priestly celibacy depending on the "exceptional" situations in certain geographical areas, according to (May 11).

He made this remark on Friday evening at an informal visit to the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy where future Vatican diplomates are trained.

Such statements make it clear that the October Amazon Bishops' Synod is not about deliberating but rubber-stamping [wrong] decisions that have been taken in advance.

The Catholic Church has a tradition of introducing new rules as "exception" in order to cheat the [stupid] Catholics into accepting them more easily.

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsLkxytpdetw
The pontiff is ugly and desperate, vide the photo. Such are those who want to discard the beauty of celibacy for the sake of the kingdom. Decent ladies would abhor such a prospect. Jesus was celibate as the Son of the Father. Each priest embraces celibacy to identify as "alter Christus" for those he brings to Christ.
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This homoheretic needs to empty the chair of Peter. St Michael defend us in battle.
It is usual method of social engineering. likes this.
We just don't know what the "Holy Ghost" is going to have him do next! So many surprises!
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