Archbishop Becciu Is Among New Cardinals

Last Sunday, Pope Francis announced the creation of 14 new cardinals on June 29. One of the chosen is Archbishop Giovanni Becciu, the second man in the Vatican Secretariat of State. Becciu Is an Ital…
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Dictator Pope, "I am hearing more from people I trust in Rome about the newly named cardinals, and that, well, it could be worse. Some speak highly of the Pole, Krajewski, and that the really bad eggs are few. That's not to say this consistory is good news."
Dr Bobus
The irony is that Francis, who has made moves to minimize Italian influence in the Vatican, has given two Italians the most power.
We must pray and sacrifice...
When are the cardinals Burke, Sarah, Brandmüller etc. etc. finally going to do something about this disaster? It is five to twelve now. On June 29 it may be too late.