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Cardinal Threatens the Church with “New Methods”

Modernist Cardinal Claudio Hummes confirmed that the 2019 Synod for the Amazon will aim at abolishing priestly celibacy.

Talking to the Modernist Spanish Periodista Digital (December 2) Hummes said that this synod will search for “new ways, new methods of evangelization.”

It is an open mystery that these “new ways” consist in dogmatic relativism, moral laxism and a secularization of the liturgy and priesthood. These methods have already been applied in most of the Western countries and have led to an unprecedented downfall of the Church.

Picture: Claudio Hummes, © Senado Federal, CC BY-SA, #newsEytiojbxsx
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Dr Bobus
Some years ago I realized that priests who were ordained during from 10 years before the close of VatII and c. 5 years after often were confused. They had had very strict formation, only to find the Church of laxism. Once I thought that only pertained to US priests, but 8 years in Rome taught me it is a phenomenon of the Latin Church, exc maybe Poland.

Card Hummes was ordained in 1958.
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Joseph a' Christian
2019 this creature speaks of. He forgets to say "Almighty God willing." Since, our Almighty God gives life and he takes life away. Our Lord also crushes the proud and frustrates the way of the wicked.
This Claudio creature sounds willful, a stone that trips the faithful. He forgets how much Jesus loves His people.
Claudio should read of the power of our Lord, how He corrected Saul.
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