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Ben Martin
Pretty clear---Benedict XVI is the problem and not the soultion.
Thank you Father Cekada for the brilliant and clear analysis of what has happened to the Catholic Church, including the disaster of Vatican II,
as well as the uplifting comment at the end of your talk, that the outcome - as we are watched over by Jesus Christ - is inevitable despite the Modernist attempt to destroy the Church.
And the greatest offense against God committed by the modernists is that they no longer recognize men as sinners. Let's face confession was done away we have one time confession a week and only 2 or 3 people in line.
I have not met a Catholic who believes what the other believes. they are hateful and and dont even like the Church.
And darkness fell upon the Church. Talking about confusion. Catholics are living in darkness and they cannot see one another. Try to mess with God's ordinances and see what happens. the modernism heresy is that man is supposed to be good, that is all the matters.
There are confusion all around: kneel; dont kneel; on the tongue or on the hands; stand up or sit or kneel; protestant music or no protestant music; dance at Mass or no dance; band or no band music. Every bishop is doing his own thing and no one can interving. Mass confusion. God is in charge and not man. get it?