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Francis' Victim: Former Grand Master of the Order of Malta Dead At 71

English born Matthew Festing, 71, the 79th Grand Master of the [formerly] Sovereign Order of Malta, has died on November 12. Unlike the present Vatican nomenclature, Festing was deeply Catholic. In …
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Pope Francis bans The blessing of rosaries, scapulers, marriages, etc.

Pope Francis Says Global Reset Is Real: No ‘Return to Normality’

ROME — Humanity needs a global reset because the unjust, pre-pandemic world is not worth going back to, Pope Francis asserted Monday. In a …
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Diocese of Venice, Italy has been consecrated to Our Lady to protect against coronavirus

Coronavirus: Mayor Consecrates Venice to Immaculate Heart of Mary

Luigi Brugnaro, 58, the mayor of Venice, Italy, visited on March 13 the beautiful basilica of Our Lady of Health (Madonna della Salute). Dressed with his mayor sash, he read out a prayer to Our Lady,…