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Our veneration of the Precious Blood relic in Weingarten, 2009 collage:
Collage: Blutritt, 2009, Weingarten, Germany We also visited Mantua, and that is where I learned about the connection between Mantua and Weingarten, and St. Longinus...

Basilica di Sant'Andrea di Mantova: .. pilgrims... feast of Ascension when a vial, that contains the Blood of Christ, is brought up from the crypt below through a hole in the floor directly under the dome. The relic, called Preziosissimo Sangue di Cristo ("Most Precious Blood of Christ"), is preserved in the Sacred Vessels, according to the tradition was brought to Mantua by the Roman centurion Longinus. It was highly venerated during the Renaissance. This shrines are displayed only on … [More]