Child is alive after the abortion

O Lord, spare us from Thy justice and wrath, let not the present deplorable situation of abortion be a reason to chastise us, but in Thy mercy and patience, help us fight this evil across the world.
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Grotesque liturgical abuse

I carismatici sono l'anticamera della schizofrenia - Giuseppe Cardinale Siri

Messe de Saint Pie V à Notre-Dame de Paris

Après cela, combien d'autres fois a la messe tridentine est célébrée dans Notre-Dame de Paris ...

Do Not Be Stupid

Lord, grant us fortitude to overcome the world.

Novices dance "Lady Gaga"

Really unfitting for men who take a religious profession to be dancing like this.

The eugenic philosophy is alive in our culture

Peter Singer's works are straight from hell. No sane person can disagree with me on that.

Traditional Latin Mass

How could someone ever come to despise the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in its original and true form? Those who despise the Usus Antiquior are truly under the influence of the devil.

Corpus Domini

O Sacrum Convivium - Hymnus Secundae Vesprae festa Corpus Christi

Homosexual Indoctrination in UK Schools

Unfortunately this is a reality in most secular schools here.