Eucharistic Miracles & Marian Apparitions: WE’VE BEEN WARNED! - Fr. Mark Goring, CC

Our Lords harshest words were directed at the Pharisees who sat on the seat of Moses what would you think he would say about the ones that set on the chair of Peter?
Our Lady La Salette Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the antichrist

Netanyahu Tells Putin 'Iran Must Leave Syria'

That includes Beirut?

Exorcist, Fr. Ripperger, Says Politics Is Now Good vs. Evil

With the likes of Cardinal Martini I say the Jesuits and Vatican II sect blazed the trail on the road to hell
last five Popes made this mess

The Pastoral Call of the Priest

Why don't you put all your energy in destroying the golden calf of vatican II
Donald Trump was friends with Epstein your stupid to align with him!

Eucharistic Miracles & Marian Apparitions: WE’VE BEEN WARNED! - Fr. Mark Goring, CC

PP VI mass is an abomination the rot of the Church started from the top go castigate your superiors then you might bring credibility to your teachings

3 Myths About Teaching Teens About Fertility Awareness

primary purpose of marriage is to raise Children and teach them the Catholic faith
Modern Church puts the unitive aspect of marriage at the same level how can you expect your children to follow a chase life .
and how can you say homsexualality is wrong?
Modern world laughs at us when we accept the unitive aspect of marriage
at same level as bringing children into the world

Conservative Revolution Against Francis

How can you fight Francis when he a just following Vatican II teachings?
Useful idiots are modern day conservatives

Coronavirus: Novus Ordo Catholics Gone

legacy of 70 years of trying to bring to Church to the modern world

Benedict XVI On The Mend

Father Hess talked about two worm ridden Popes
Captain of the team modernist who do think created this mess and allowed the modernist to control the Church?

Cardinal Burke Preaches Against Coronavirus Prophets

You were fully aware of Francis false teaching yet you use the excuse we must be patient, well that didn't work did it
You reap what you sow.
SSPX been on the front lines trying to get Rome back to it senses but you defended the Vatican II sect.
Voris , EWTN and catholic neocons like opus dei can thank themselves for this mess.

Cardinal Zen: Vatican Lets Itself be Killed By the Enemy - "Not Without Francis' Consent"

Is Vatican II modern todays golden calf ?
Darwin vs God as creator?
Scientism vs creationism

We Were Warned: War and The Great Chastisement

you think ! what in hades do you think we are in
Souls going to hell in the millions because of scandals in the Church

Lent: Vienna Cathedral Filled Up With Junk (Photos)

Seems like Cardinal had a bad ACID trip
60s are over man (tune in drop out get high)

Second Bishop Asserts: Francis “Not Angry” at Gay Propagandist James Martin

Pillow talk! wow how sick

Bishop Schneider: ‘The entire Catholic Church and the Catholic faith are stronger than German’s “…

Conquer evil with good or wet noodle
where where are the Teutonic Knights,

Vatican Worried: Germany Could Stop Paying Their Heating Bills

Rome loss the faith and is now the seat of the antichrist
Vatican is just a museum and money laundering

Eyewitness testimony: Pope Benedict is perfectly mentally lucid | Barnhardt

I becoming to believe JPII and BXVI Strategically placed bad Bishops in the church to destroy her from within ,diabolical geniuses!

Archbishop: “Christ Becomes Bread” [Not “Bread Becomes Christ”]

Who made him a Bishop in the first place?
I hold them accountable for the mess we are in .
JPII BXVI worst popes in history they gave us the current mess

Priest, Vatican Curia Member Wants to Reconcile with Freemasonry - But Is A Mason Himself

Vatican II sect thinks like freemasons so what the problem making it official?
JPII Assisi event was it not based on freemason principles?
Long live SSPX!!

Special Report - The Real Predator Protector

No I am afraid Rome is just look at cardinal Law