Pope Francis at Angelus prays for cessation of violence in Mexico

Pope Francis offered prayers for slain Mexican priests on Sunday, and put his support behind the ongoing pro-family and pro-life efforts of the Mexican Bishops. Speaking to the faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square on Sunday ahead of the … [Mehr]
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Pope: Vanity makes our life a fraud.

We feel in our souls two kinds of anxiety: a good anxiety, which comes from the Holy Spirit, and which moves us to do good works; and a wicked anxiety that is born from a dirty conscience. That was the message of Pope Francis in his reflection … [Mehr]
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Holy Mass for the Jubilee of Catechists - 2016.09.25

Pope Francis celebrates Holy Mass on the occasion of the Jubilee for Catechists, followed by the Angelus Prayer
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Pope Francis on Nice massacre: ‘Respond to hate with love’

Pope Francis during a private audience on Saturday caressed the picture of a little girl who died during the massacre on the banks of the Tir River in Nice, France on July 14th. He embraced another little girl who lost a parent that night and shook … [Mehr]
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Audience with the families of the victims of the attack in Nice - 2016.09.24

Pope Francis receives in audience the families of victims of the attack in Nice, which took place on July 14, 2016.
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To Assisi to pray and weep together for peace

When Pope Francis entered the Piazza of St Francis on his arrival in Assisi, he surely had on his heart the words he had pronounced just a few hours earlier in the Chapel at the Casa Santa Marta: “There exists no god of war.” War is the work of “… [Mehr]
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Pope Francis: ‘Closeness to those with Alzheimer’s disease'

At the end of his General Audience, Pope Francis reminded those present of all people afflicted by Alzheimer’s disease. He said, “Today is the 23rd World Day for Alzheimer’s, which carries the theme ‘Remember me.’ I invite all those present to ‘… [Mehr]
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Pope Francis in Assisi: ‘Only peace is holy, never war’

“Let us not tire of repeating that the name of God shall never justify violence. Only peace is holiness, not war.” From Assisi, Pope Francis, like St. John Paul II thirty years ago and like Benedict XVI in 2011, renewed the diverse faiths to … [Mehr]
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General Audience - 2016.09.21

Every Wednesday the Holy Father holds a General Audience where he greets the pilgrims present and delivers a catechesis.
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Pope: We don’t cover up the light of God

We must allow the light of the faith to go forth, to make it shine before men. We must not extinguish it, because it was given us as a gift on the day of Baptism. That was the message of Pope Francis during his homily at the morning Mass at the … [Mehr]
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GJA Taylor
this pope is a walking fake who covers up his real agenda, get a grip.
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Ecumenical Prayer and Concluding Ceremony of the World Day for Peace - 2016.09.20

Pope Francis participates in the ecumenical prayer and concluding ceremony of the World Day for Peace along with the representatives from various religions
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Jesus is the Prince of Peace ,let's get those religious leaders praying to Him

Arrival in Assisi for the World Day of Prayer for Peace - 2016.09.20

Pope Francis arrives at the Sacred Convent of Assisi where he meets the Representatives of various Churches and Religions for the World Day of Prayer for Peace
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Merciful acts of the Pope for new-born babies and the terminally ill

A caress, a hug, some words of hope, and a prayer for each patient. That was how Pope Francis’ surprise visit to the Accident and Emergency department and to the Neonatal unit of Rome’s San Giovanni hospital for his regular Friday initiatives … [Mehr]
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Lionel L. Andrades
Pope Francis visits hospital in Rome where 4000 abortions are done annually : no comment from the pope on in house abortion Pope Francis last Friday … [Mehr]

Pope Francis to Jesuit alumni: ‘Hospitality and mercy against the drama of immigration’

Refugees and migrants are more than statistics, Pope Francis told members of the European Confederation and World Union of Jesuit Alumni and Alumnae; they are no different than our own family and friends. The Jesuit group had been participating in … [Mehr]
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Ceremony for the 200th anniversary of the Vatican Gendarmerie - 2016.09.18

Ceremony on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Corps of the Gendarmerie.
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Angelus Domini - 2016.09.18

Starts at 12:00 pm. Every Sunday and on the main liturgical feasts, the Pope recites the Angelus prayer with the pilgrims. Before and after the prayer, he delivers a brief reflection and issues greetings.
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Holy Mass for the 200th Anniversary of the Corps of the Gendarmerie - 2016.09.18

Pope Francis celebrates Holy Mass for the Gendarmerie on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Corps of the Vatican Gendarmes.
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The Pope and the ‘logic of the day after tomorrow’: resurrect like Christ

Pope Francis, during Mass in the chapel of the Casa Santa Marta, reflected on the “logic” of Christian faith – a logic he described as one of “the day after tomorrow” – a logic that looks forward to the resurrection of the body. Beginning with a … [Mehr]
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Pope Francis to new bishops: ‘The world is tired of enchanting liars and narcissists’

Pope Francis addressed newly-appointed bishops in the Vatican’s Clementine Hall on Friday, reminding them of the thrill of being loved in advance by God and exhorting them to ‘make mercy pastoral’. The audience came at the end of formation course … [Mehr]
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