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Iconoclast Heresy (Nov 28)

The reason this is important is because through an Icon, Our Lady of Guadalupe of Spain, the Catholic Faith was protected and propagated to the new world ensuring and laying a foundation that would allow Our Lady of Guadalupe of Mexico to convert 10 million Aztecs and thus ensure that in the 21st Century, we would then discover that through the lens of Iconography, that OUr Lady of Guadalupe Mexico is going to be the catylst of propagating the faith, protecting the remnant, healing the faithful and destroying the devil. It is all providential

Aug 01 - Homily - Fr Peter Fehlner: Alphonsus Saint of a Difficult Time

I am praying for the intercession of St. Alphonsus de Ligouri to help keep me on the straight but narrow path toward heaven. My obedience and faithfulness will not waiver and if anyone finds fault with anything I do or say that is contrary to the teachings of the magisterieum then I would beg them, to have love, charity and mercy on me by correcting me, then I would pray that Mary open me to be docile to the Holy Spirit so that I could receive that correction and make the changes necessary to remain faithful to the church.