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En francais - Luc 5, 1-11

Une homélie donnée à la Paroisse d'Esprit Saint dans Gatineau, Québec sur l'Evangile de Luc (le cinquième dimanche dans le Temps Ordinaire) ENGLISH TEXT Isaiah has an intense experience, both of the utter holiness of God, and of his own unworthiness…
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First Profession

On August 28th, 2008, the Master of the Order of Preachers, along with the Prior Provincial of St. Dominic, the Prior of St. Catherine of Sienna, and the Master of Novices were present for the First Professions of 4 Dominican Friars! Because of leng…
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Brother Steven

After taking a 3 day course on the Theology of Preaching by Father Bruno Demers, op we were given the opportunity to put our skills into practice. Taken from the Gospel of Matthew 9:9-13 (the call of Matthew). This is a practice "homily" from …
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