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The Our Father sung as a prayer for healing of all the world.


Thank you, Lord, for the gift of such beautiful music touching our hearts and souls, such as this rendition of The Lord's Prayer by Marcelino Champagnat.

Please keep Amazing Grace I listen to Thhe Lord"s Prayer every day plus I like this Amazing Grace also Thank you and God Bless

I think this video is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! I showed it to my grandson's CCD class last night and they thought it was really cool. Then I went to my Bible Study group and we used it as our closing prayer. Andrea Bocelli's voice is truly amazing!

I listen evey day I stopped for a few days because my mind started wondering. But I am back again and love it more

wunderschön, vielen Dank für das Hochladen

Heavenly. Sung by earthly beings. A prayer of grace and love. Melbourne, Australia.

At least five times a week God bless

At least five times a week. God bless

El Padrenuestro por los fallecidos en la tragedia de Galicia y todos sus familiares y amigos. [More]