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The situation of the one who is not the Messiah

13th of December 2015 Father Reto Nay
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Roy D'Oliveiro
God bless you Father! Just love to listen to sermons.
Dear Father Reto, I'm dying of thirst please can we have more English preaching videos. God bless and hope you are well. Mrs L O'Brien
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The problems are gone when Christ appears.

Father Reto Nay 9th of April 2016
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Harmonia celestiala
The faithful words in this homily will remember us that Christ always leads us in the darkness.
Read said pages. Very interesting.... The foretelling of an almost complete loss of faith at some point in history is repeated in many Catholic … [Espandi]
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Встрой фильтр в свой мозг

Отец Рето Най 10 марта 2016
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Brilliant. Thank you
Yes, video is also in Russian, in beautiful Russian! Great thanks to the translator . I will recommend this video to my friends, who don't like to … [Espandi]
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О милосердии к каждому из нас.

28 февраля 2016 г. Отец Рэто Най
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Большое спасибо за прекрасную проповедь и живой, прекрасный перевод!
Harmonia celestiala
This advice helps to manage the life for all human beings who can believe in the mercy of God. thank you
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Духовные упражнения для мужчин

Отец Рэто Най 22 февраля 2016 г.
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Sorry, not a man, but I listened anyway! I appreciate this that I try to express to my children: "It is not natural endowment that makes mastery, it'… [Espandi]
Very well said, Uncle Joe. I hope many read and all that read, respond.
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The Six Steps of the Messiah

Don Reto Nay 6th of December 2015
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The sacraments correlating with the miracles of Jesus-a great help. Thank you!
One can take it as a true cathechism: complete, clear and fresh. Deo gratias!
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The highest feeling in our life

Father Reto Nay 10th of February 2016
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Uncle Joe
Dear Don Reto Nay, It's much better that merely the "glasses are old and weak" rather than...
Don Reto Nay
@Uncle Joe: I am happy that you realized how tough it is to live in holy poverty and to suffer in public for it in front of the eyes of everybody. … [Espandi]
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The first step into sanctity

Father Reto Nay 8th of December 2015
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Thanks be to God. Thank you Father Nay. O` Holy Mary ever Virgin and conceived without sin: Pray for us who have recourse to thee. Amen
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Get back to the Church that fishes Men

Father Reto Nay 30th of November 2015
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Harmonia celestiala
It is so pleasing to hear these instructions, how we can convince the people and convert him to avoid the sins and follow the church with a changed life.
Very profound as always, dear Father thank you so much to remind us what we should do.
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Make sure His place is free

Father Reto Nay 8th of January 2016
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My 7th anniversary....
Thank you, Father... About 7 years ago, I became a member around this time...
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Do you want to be served by the King of Heaven?

Father Reto Nay 18th of November 2015
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Thank you, Fr. Reto! Amen! We do not, cannot, serve the King of Kings. Rather, in Church on Sunday, in prayer, the King of Kings comes to us, gives … [Espandi]
Harmonia celestiala
Yes, we are happy to have a King of Heaven who gives us all we need. Thank you for this beautiful thought.
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The Secret Key

Father Reto Nay 15th of December 2014
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"Christ likes His feasts" - it's very true, the blessings come to us in unique way at every feast of the Church! For example I often have time, free … [Espandi]
Fiel A Cristo
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Who we really are

Father Reto Nay 17th of November 2015
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Harmonia celestiala
Thank you for this advice to consider how we can climb the cross of our life for seeing the sun of redemption from Jesus Crist.
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Raphael, Gabriel and Michael

Father Reto Nay 29th of September 2015
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Harmonia celestiala
Thank you for the presentation of the archangels, from which we only know a few things, except the real existence.
Dear Father Reto, Through the intercession of the most blessed Immaculate Virgin, may the Light of the Gospel continue to shine upon you. [Espandi]
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Don´t you dare criticize my garden

Father Reto Nay 20th of July 2015
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Medjugorje Mirjana`s apparition December 2014
Harmonia celestiala
Thank you for these words of encouragement.
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Time to change

Father Reto Nay 10th of June 2015
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Medjugorje Mirjana`s apparition December 2014
Harmonia celestiala
Thank you for showing us the treasury hidden who will shine for us, and then we can give this shine to all the others, because the treasury belongs … [Espandi]
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Be unfaithful to the end.

Father Reto Nay 19th of July 2015
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Father Nay What a wonderful example you set! Veritas Preach it Father Nay
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"Die Öffentlichkeitswirkung war katastrophal"

Prof. Dr. Manfred Hauke, Lugano, über die Familiensynode 2014. Die Öffentlichkeitswirkung war katastrophal Herr Professor, wie beurteilen Sie die Öffentlichkeitswirkung der Familiensynode 2014? Ich denke, die Öffentlichkeitswirkung war katastrophal.… [Espandi]
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Der kranke Körper der weltlichen Kirche, kann nur dann geheilt werden, wenn die Krankheitserreger aus den Körper verbannt oder bekämpft werden. … [Espandi]
schön diesen gescheiten Kopf mal sprechen zu hören.