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Fr. Brian Carpenter on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Fr. Brian Carpenter offers his thoughts on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, its differences from the book and the theological implications of these differences. (Spoiler alert).
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With all due respect "father",

But how can you be even watching those movies that satanic and witch people are doing. Did you not know that the movie was made by one of the great witches, a real with?, and that the spells said in the movie are actual and real spells that were taken out of the book of the male goat.

You also gave good previews to the movie Frozen when the Walt Disney studios do … 더보기
Tante Klara
Fr. Carpenter

"I apologize to those whose interest was more sincere, and am willing to continue the conversation in a different forum."

Gibt es dieses Forum, in dem das Für und Wider der Harry-Potter-Bücher sachlich besprochen werden kann?
EJG - Thanks mate! I think this is what Fr Brian, Ira and I were getting at - you just 'hit the nail on the head' so to speak. While we take the criticisms in good stride, one cannot go around 'frightened of ones shadow', looking for demons around every corner and in everything one does not understand..... It is specifically this attitude to life that gives birth to supers… 더보기
Tante Klara

Wenn man das Buch von G. Kuby "Harry Potter, Gut oder Böse" liest, meint man, Draco Malfoy hätte das Buch geschrieben, so einseitig, so verzerrt und falsch stellt die manche Dinge dar. Das im einzelnen zu schildern, sprengt diese Anmerkung. Draco Malfoy ist in den Potter-Büchern der erbitterte Feind Harry Potters.

Die Potter-Bücher handeln schlicht und einfach vom Kampf Gut gegen … 더보기
What wisdom I find in your discourse about thinking on whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is of good report, if there be any excellence, if there be any praise, think on these things.Thie focus then becomes Christ and the world fades away in the light of His glory and grace.
Thank you for the encouraging post. Pardon my misspelled words, as I am still recovering from illness.
In Christ,
EJG--It's true one is so busy uploading, one doesn't always have time to watch EVERYTHING one uploads (I mainly LISTEN to my videos... .)
ACLumsden, without venturing into the debate, from personal experience anything that Fr.Gabriele Amorth or Pope Benedict writes/says(as commented below), i would take with very serious reflection and humble consideration... besides i am always curious where do good priests and religious find the time to read and dwell in all these fantasy books and see so many entertaining movies? as a layman, … 더보기
Hey Greg! Thanks I rather think we are on the 'same page' here.
On another note, do any of you chaps know what StellaMARIA is on about????
@Tante Klara for you:
Die Frage: Quo vadis?

H.P. is ZYANKALI =Potassium cyanideKCN=Kaliumcyanid=Cyjanek potasu=Poison= Giftfor children und Jugendlichen !!!!!!!!

FILM 1:12min
FILM 14: 59 min

ich meine, dass Sie eine Neue Optik brauchen...!

Auf diesen Links ist alles klar geschrieben....!!!!!!

www.gabriele-kuby.de/bueche… 더보기
Schoole, do you mean not go public on this forum with it? The forum in this case seems to have worked pretty well and I think the fact that the Pope does not endorse Harry Potter really says it all. In that aspect it is probably good the discussion was totally on the forum because if it were not then it may have resulted in all comments being Pro-Harry Potter and even encouraging more souls to … 더보기
Right. I am not a specialist on this field but I have heard many opinions like this.

And do you think the way I implied, not to go public immediately, it would be Ok?
Thank you schoole, the points I've made have nothing to do with not respecting this or any other priest and deal directly with the issue of the occult being mainstreamed by Hollywood to children and presented as harmless and fun. Harry Potter movies make spells and magic seem to be from 2 different sources-White Magic & Black Magic, when in reality Magic is all Black and directly attained … 더보기

Dear kfarley
First thank you for your many good videos on Gloria I could see.
As you could read below I agree with you in the HP problem. You seem to be right for me in this case.

I also agrre with these your words:
Priests are to be respected but a priest is not always correct in all matters and when this occurs it is up to the flock to bring this to their attention.

Howe… 더보기
Dear ACLumsden,

Indeed, your only argument in this "Discusion" is this: .
What I can see here is a deep caustic vacuum.
A real human being
@ACL:For my part, having been born in México, there we were taught to have RESPECT for our priests, (if you speak ill of a priest, we were told, it is like poking Our Lord Jesus' eyes). Later, however, growning up in the U.S., (where I graduated from college), I did become more lax in this...Now, living in Europe, and not having as much access to Catholic Churches and Holy Mass, as I … 더보기
@schoole -

@IRA and Greg - Indeed! Do you not think that not having the immediacy of presence on a website, (having the no 'face' to talk to), gives chaps a certain freedom from the conventions of live dialogue which does not always result in a happy process?

On other threads, I have discovered some Irish chaps like this as well. However, on THIS thread, tis mostly … 더보기
Dear ACLumsden,

As I wrote about the narrow minded nation I just repeated your words, what you wrote and think about Poland and other nations. Of course that is not my point of view to think so generally about all your nation. Indeed I met a lot of very open people in England. However, I am sorry to say that, you are not among them.
Irenaeus - Hi! Sorry to have had to shake things up in such an extreem way. I am indeed sorry that I had to 'lump everyone together' in that statement. I grow quite weary of the lack of decency and just good form among rather alot of chaps here. As I said most of these chaps just happen to be American. I am affraid, Irenaeus, that the American representation here (especially on THIS … 더보기
ACL said-
Then, the Americans here are just that, American. Therefore one just needs to overlook their lack of class and decency and look to what they are really trying to say beneath all that verbal noise.

Ahhh ACL! I thought a whole day went by without a bigoted remark from you toward Americans. I guess not. It is interesting that I don't find this kind of insecurity on display with … 더보기
holyrope 3
@Gregory...STOP your harrassing!! STOP! I notice you now continue your harrassing AFTER Luchinka went OFFLINE. 더보기
holyrope 3
Yes, gregory, takes one to know one! Maybe you should write a book critiquing everyone as you seemingly take such great pleasure in doing so.
(Sometimes we just have to give one's own medicine in return! (You know what I mean!)
Priests are to be respected but a priest is not always correct in all matters and when this occurs it is up to the flock to bring this to their attention. This is done on Gloria tv all of the time when videos of heretical Masses are shown and wrong practices are done by priests. There are priests who attend Gay Pride parades, should people also not speak up to them about that?
Die heisst "Das Gute und Normalle" Für Sie ist das eine Störung Institutum.

Sie leiden an 'Das Böse Nazismus'

Ich werde Sie noch später behandeln. Beruhigen Sie sich erst bitte.
So wie "schoole" sich hier verhält und aufführt, bestätigt er die Aussagen von Bundeskanzler Konrad Adenauer, nachdem in den Jahren nach 1945 aufgrund des Potsdamer Abkommens aus den deutschen Ostgebieten über 13 Millionen Deutsche vertrieben wurden,

"6 Millionen Deutsche sind vom Erdboden verschwunden. Sie sind gestorben, verdorben."
(K. Adenauer, Erinnerungen 1945-1953, Stuttgart 1965, S. 186.… 더보기
holyrope 3
Spoken as though from someone with experience!
This is rather interesting. ACLumsden is English and is typical english. Their system of manners and etiquette in speech and social grace, is quite different to the Polish and some of the Polish speaking American.

He thinks he talks a lot about etiquette and grace so he has it.
He speaks about intelligence so he is intelligent.
He likes learning and teaching other people. Probably would be a … 더보기
Tanta Klara you can believe what you want to but remember if the Pope is against Harry Potter there is a good reason for this. A man said to Padre Pio one day that he did not believe in hell, Padre Pio responded. "You'll believe it when you get there." The occult is what it is so what more can be said about it. If you wish to partake in these films and books that is your free will. There are … 더보기
Kfarley - I did not speak of wisdom, rather, I long for decency and good christian methodology in discussion, things sadly lacking in many a thread on Gloria.tv. And when one looks into WHO is propagating this lack, one finds that my American cousins head the gang. Therefore, it is not a question of wisdom, rather, being from across the pond, I have a certain objectivity from distance observation… 더보기
Tante Klara
"... who uses the occult to fight the occult..."

Harry Potter uses his courage, trustiness, politeness, cooperativeness for his fight against the evil - are this attributes occult?
ACLumsden why must you always make your provincial comments about "Americans" all of the time. Do you think that living on the other side of the Atlantic makes one wiser?
That's the deception of the movie. It portrays Harry Potter who uses the occult to fight the occult. The movie is making it appear that there is good and bad magic when all along magic is sorcery and of the devil. Since Harry Potter is using sorcery he's as I said before fighting devils with devils.
Tante Klara
... even that I said, Harry Potter fights against the hell, just like the Archangel Michael fights against satan ...
You are correct Tante Klara because hell is filled with them. Devils hate and don't believe for a second they all get along in hell. It is a constant battle-just like inmates in a prison the inmates of hell are always battling each other.
Tis rather interesting. Schoole is Polish and is typical polish. Their system of manners and etiquette in speech and social grace, is quite different to the English and some of the English Speaking americas. Therefore, RobinWood, do keep this in mind.

Then, the Americans here are just that, American. Therefore one just needs to overlook their lack of class and decency and look to what they are … 더보기
Tante Klara
Fighting devils with devils will not work!
Yes, we are either with Jesus or against him. You can call evil anything you want to and it remains what it is. The lure of the devil is that he'll give you limited powers though magic on this earth in order to torture you in hell after death, With God we have to wait until death before we can understand why this or that was in our lives and the reasons for our sufferings. With the devil he … 더보기
holyrope 3

you have produced enough material with the disapproval of the Holy Father and Rome's chief exorcist. People will believe what they want. Period.
Fighting devils with devils. White magic does not exist-magic is of the devil. If you had watched the video I put up a day or 2 ago it even shows Harry Potter with the "S" satanic symbol on his forehead. The same shaped "S" symbol satanic self-proclaimed "antichrist superstar" Marilyn Manson uses.
Tante Klara
Ey, Harry Potter fights against satanism ...!
holyrope 3
What's the matter Gregory, you enjoy maligning people who have been ignoring your immature outbursts of condemnation; while desiring the attention of souls rather than having the decency to private message someone. No, you would rather gather attention for yourself, due to your own insecurity, all the while you continue to want to harrass people. There must be something seriously off-balanced … 더보기
Tante Klara I have not but I also have not read the satanic bible either. I did not say the book said satanism is ok-I said IF a priest were to make this claim I would challenge him on it just as I challenged this priest on Harry Potter's witchcraft, spells, magic etc etc is not something Catholics are to partake in. I don't have to read pornography to say Catholics should not do so anymore than … 더보기
Tante Klara

Did you ever read Harry Potter? Could you giv a quote, where in the books is told, that satanism is okay?
Gregory I can respect the priest and still point out that the priest is incorrect in his views. If a priest would come out and say satanism is ok and not actually worship of the devil should that viewpoint not be challenged? Gregory start thinking before you criticize people-you seem to always miss the point. Harry Potter promotes witchcraft and the occult-not something Catholics should partake … 더보기
Dear Dr. Schoole,

please where did I give a positive opinion to Harry Potter?
I am pleased, that I have such a great influence on you ...
Institutum & Robin Wood - Two brand new clowns made in Germany.

Does anybody provide a circus?
It is interesting to see the members of Gloria tv who embrace the occult just because it is a priest who put up the video-weak minds-unthinking individuals. It is the occult-it does not matter if it is a priest who embraces this. Blind guides.