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Admitting the Lie!

There is about to be a MAJOR change in the abortion wars and the pro-life movement simply CANNOT be caught asleep at the switch again like 40 years /ago.
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Good job..reminds us again what hypocrites the pro-deathers really are.
Great point, Michael. This was admitted by the medical journal, California Medicine in, I think, 1983. I think that this would make a good challenge to Roe, using the pro-abortion gang's own words against their position with the very words of their favorite Court decision
It is very nice to see the battle of our Holy Catholic church vs the anti church, over here where I live we are fighting vs the federal government which has taken action to take down a cross that's at the top of a hill and was placed as a remembrance of the missions who arrived many years ago. The case was brought to it by people who are either satanic worshipers or atheists or anti Christians.

Even though the property was sold under a condition the condition of not taking down the cross has … [More]