All That Remains Official Trailer

Heaven and earth shall pass away... but my words will last forever All That Remains, is a powerful true story of Nagasaki atomic bomb survivor Takashi Nagai, pioneering scientist, Christian convert, and dedicated peace-activist. Takashi Nagai, a … [More]
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All That Remains

New feature film currently in production on the life of “The Saint of Urakami”, Takashi Nagai - scientist, Christian convert and atomic bomb survivor. Visit the official website -
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All That Remains Promo

Promo for our new film, "All That Remains" -- the story of atomic bomb survivor and Christian convert Takashi Nagai. You can find out how you can show your support at
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Tears, tears and more tears - Rene
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Peace in your heart

Discover Fatima for yourself today. Watch the critically acclaimed film, ‘Finding Fatima’ online now!
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26 Martyrs-Trailer

The story begins… '26 Martyrs' , shines a light on the heroic and hidden history of Christianity in Japan. It tells the true story of 26 Christians whose martyrdom in 1597 in Nagasaki – the centre of Christianity in Japan, sowed the seeds of a … [More]
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Archbishop Takami & the Hibaku no Maria

In this promo video for "All That Remains", Archbishop Takami talks about the message of peace that came out of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki and we meet the 'Hibaku No Maria' -- the atom bombed Maria. You can visit the film’s official website here… [More]
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Thank you for posting this fascinating film trailer.
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All That Remains - Promo HD

Hate creates nothing.... Fr. Paul Glynn author of "A Song For Nagasaki", talks about Takashi Nagai and explains why his story remains so relevant for us today. “All That Remains” is the new docu-feature film from Major Oak Entertainment about the life of Dr. Takashi Nagai.
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It is interesting to note that two priests and about thirty Roman Catholics were in the Urakami Chapel for confession. All were killed when the atom … [More]