God Is Not a Dysfunctional Father

Despite having impeccable theology many Christians don't really trust God at a deep level because of long forgotten abuse issues. In this audio Anaya reads from Breaking Free in the book the therapist describes how spirituality is about accepting … [More]
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The option to correct the upload title is not available in the new interface. Title; God is not a dysfuntional parent.

3rd Characteristic of an Adult

There are 5 characteristics of an adult. In this broadcast Anaya explains the third characteristic and how it is applied in daily living. Many of you will find yourself already doing these things not realizing that you've been blessed by God.
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Saxophone Have Yourself a Very Merry Christmas

My baby cousin using her gifts playing the sax for Jesus.
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Sooooo nice Trinity.

Time management

David was a king with a hobby of songwriting. A hobby is an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure. Gifts and talents as a hobby. What does God think about a hobby?
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The Power of Concentration

Do you have a feeble untrained mind? Powerful audio boook.
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Find Fulfillment through Knowing your Purpose

Find Fulfillment through Knowing Your Purpose Our purpose is anchored in the significance we experience in Christ. If we are convinced that we are born with a special purpose, then this affects every area of our lives. The result is a sense of …
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The Gift of Administration

Do You have the gift of administration? Definitions of the gift of administration. Examples of three biblical characters who personified administrators. 4 questions to ask yourself to clarify the presence of the gift? And 6 characteristics of the gift of administration.
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Fear of Success

When hatters hate your advancement it is quite painful and frustrating. When you are loving, it hurts when loved ones get jealous. Prayer for deliverance of deep emotional pain.

Shame CD 3

Pia Mellody discusses Shame Shame CD 4
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Shame 2

Pia Mellody discusses shame. Shame CD 3
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Pia Mellody lecture on Shame Shame 2
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