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Battle of Orleans

Joan of Arc
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Bless you dear friend Cruz
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Were the Middle Ages Dark?

There is no period in history more misunderstood than the Middle Ages. Providence College Professor of English, Anthony Esolen, vividly demonstrates why the "Dark Ages" would be better described as the "Brilliant Ages."
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NOT to mention the SUB which cause the global warming back then. :-)
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Gloria.TV News on the 28th of May 2013

To watch all the news click here: @Gloria.TV News Internet On Monday the Vatican Secretariat of State issued a tweet saying: “Intolerance against Christians, especially in the name of ‘tolerance’, should be condemned publicly.” The tweet referenced… [More]
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Holy Cannoli
Thanks for the news, Doina. --------------------------------- Q. What do vacationing Swiss cows think about Answer
To the linked interview in the last part: "... He's a good guy who was chosen by the Lord, to tell the Mexican clergy and bishop, that because of … [More]
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Introduction to the Latin Liturgy

Fr. Calvin Goodwin, FSSP, explain about the Latin liturgy. What is the enterior disposition from the faithful to have.
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Michel-René Landry
Thats good news "tbswv". Excellent! Keep it up. We all have our roads to take. No one is better then another. We all have our weaknesses. … [More]
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The Crisis Is a Liturgical Crisis

Benedictine Abbot Michael Zielinski discusses his role as head of the office of art and architecture at the Vatican's liturgical office.
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@thelastconvert: I agree with you. By now we know what went wrong. We do not need more analysis. We know where the problems are. We URGENTLY need people who tackle the problems. Will Pope Francis do anything?
Wow is this guy real? He sounds like such a nice fellow. Isn't he just wonderful . . . We're in deep trouble with leader like this that say a lot … [More]