Mass Facing East: Two thousand years of liturgical orientation

One of the most obvious differences between the Old Rite of Mass and the Novus Ordo is the direction in which the priest faces. Worship ad orientem, or facing East, is an ancient practice going back to the earliest centuries of the Church. Criticis… [More]
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Latin Mass Society Pilgrimage to York, 2014

On 29th March 2014, the Latin Mass Society held their annual pilgrimage to the city of York, where around 50 men and women gave their lives for the Catholic Faith, and in whose honour the event is held each year. Best known of these is St Margaret … [More]
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The Manner of Receiving Holy Communion

One of the most telling differences between the Traditional Latin Mass and most celebrations of the Novus Ordo is the manner in which the congregation receives Holy Communion. In the Traditional Mass, Communion is received on the tongue and kneeling… [More]
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O Ton meines U40 Pfarrers (Doktor der Dogmatik bei prof müller-jetzt glaubenspräfekt!) bei einer Probe für Firmung in der kirche vor Ministranten,… [More]
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Silence in the Liturgy

Silence is one of the most characteristic aspects of the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite that marks it apart from the Novus Ordo. Many of the prayers said by the priest are done so either silently or inaudibly. There are very good reasons for … [More]
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The holy season of Septuagesima is an ancient one. It is still celebrated in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, although it was abolished in the Novus Ordo Calendar of 1970. This short documentary outlines Septuagesima's purpose and its long … [More]
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A Journey to England's Nazareth: The LMS Pilgrimage from Ely to Walsingham

The Latin Mass Society's fourth annual walking pilgrimage to Walsingham took place in August 2013. Around 90 people took part in the three-day, 55-mile walk to the ancient English Marian shrine of Walsingham. There was Solemn Mass in the Extraordina… [More]
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The Gregorian Chant Network Weekend Course

Around Easter each year, the Gregorian Chant Network organises a residential weekend course for singers of all levels of experience. Gregorian Chant requires specialised training and this is provided by tutors with a wealth of teaching experience … [More]
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Michel-René Landry
Thats really good educations. Deo gratias! Laus tibi Christe!
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The St Catherine's Trust Family Retreat

Every Easter, the St Catherine's Trust holds a weekend family retreat for parents and their children, but also for anyone else who wishes to join us, in a very friendly and supportive atmosphere. All liturgy is in the Extraordinary Form. There are … [More]
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Michel-René Landry
Verry good! Excellent! Keep the good work. Union of prayer! Una voce dicentes! Deo gratias! Laus tibi Christe! I'm fully supporting your contribution. Keep it up.