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Father Gillelan Demonstrates Dance as an Expression of Joy in God

Photo ~ Father Robert Gillelan, Jr. who competed in the Dancing with the Central Pa. Stars fundraiser with a swing dance. He earned recognition for earning the most money through sponsors and votes during the competition. The Diocesan Vicar General …
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I didn't know Judas could dance?

Pope Francis' arrival in Jordan (Video)

(CNN) -- Pope Francis celebrated Mass on Saturday at a stadium in Jordan on the first leg of a Holy Land trip intended to promote a message of unity.His trip has been billed as a "pilgrimage for prayer," with its roots in faith, not politics. But …
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Pope Will Baptize Little Green Men If They Ask

Father Guido Sarducci, the Prefect of the Pontifical Committee for Intergalactic Dialogue, has said that even though Martians or other visitors from space are aliens and not really men and therefore are not descendants of Adam and would not have …
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LOL! Yea the implications would be horrible if another faith got to them! Jews would circumcise them. Muslims would turn them into bombs. Protestants… [More]
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Our 'Elder Brothers in the Faith' Scrawl "Kill the Pope"

Photo ~ The Roman Catholic Church in Jerusalem, preparing for a visit by Pope Francis later this month, has expressed alarm over threats to Christians scrawled by suspected Jewish extremists on church property in the Holy Land, May 11, 2014. — …
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Shouldn't Judaism be uniting itself with Christians from the Islamic threat?! Talk about acting stupid. We Christians love the Jews like their our … [More]

Francis: What if a Martian came here and wanted to be baptized?

(Vatican Radio) "Who are we to close the doors " to the Holy Spirit? This was the question that Pope Francis repeated this morning during his homily at Mass at Casa Santa Marta, a homily dedicated to the conversion of the first pagans to Christianit…
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Father Piotr Natanek, the Polish Savonarola

Photo ~ Father Piotr Natanek The strange case of a young and brilliant priest suspended a divinis by Stanislaw Dziwisz for his millenarian positions and repeated accusations against the hierarchy Father Stanislaw explained the situation in a letter…
aron Tell me how you want to keep sheep and wolves united? It would be easy if bishop Stanislaw Dziwisz returned to teachings of St John Paul II to … [More]
Aron to Stanislaw and other siners on GTV. "People working with suspended Fr. P. Natanek contribute to split the community of believers. If they … [More]
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Papa Francisco recibe cuadro de Santa Rosa de Lima de manos del Cardenal Cipriani

Foto ~ Papa Francisco y el Cardenal Juan Luis Cipriani junto a imagen de Santa Rosa de Lima. Foto: Arzobispado de Lima VATICANO, 05 May. 14 / 10:53 pm (ACI/EWTN Noticias).- El Papa Francisco recibió esta mañana en audiencia privada al Arzobispo de …
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… es importante también agregar que el autor de la hermosa pintura de Sta. Rosa de Lima patrona de las Americas y Filipinas, es el Artista Plástico … [More]
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ONU acusa a la Iglesia de "torturar" a mujeres con su enseñanza sobre el aborto

GINEBRA, 07 May. 14 / 05:01 pm (ACI/EWTN Noticias).- Diversos organismos criticaron la parcialidad del Comité de las Naciones Unidas contra la Tortura, luego de que en una de sus audiencias se acusara a la Iglesia Católica de estar violando una …
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Los catolicos ignorantes se hacen protestantes - Entrevista el padre Jorge Loring.flv [More]
Los hispanos de EEUU empiezan a abandonar el catolicismo MARÍA RAMÍREZ Corresponsal Nueva York Actualizado: 08/05/2014 19:36 horas 15 Los hispanos … [More]

Líderes pro-vida y pro familia en Panamá celebran

Foto ~ Juan Carlos Varela junto a su esposa y sus tres hijos. -- Facebook PANAMÁ, 07 May. 14 / 02:25 am (ACI).- Los defensores del derecho a la vida en Panamá celebraron la victoria de Juan Carlos Varela en las elecciones presidenciales del 5 de …
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Couple Arrested For Sex Acts On Church Lawn

MAY 6--Attendees at a wedding Saturday were shocked to spot a 60-year-old woman and a 56-year-old man engaging in sex acts on the church lawn, Utah cops report. A Salt Lake City Police Department cop was summoned to Sacred Heart Catholic Church …
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Holy Cannoli
The Sign of Peace taken to a whole 'nuther' level.

También algunos obispos han hablado sobre Maria Divine Mercy

Después de la polémica generada por el artículo titulado “Sobre las profecías de la vidente Maria Divine Mercy”, publicado hace unos días en este mismo blog, su autor, el sacerdote Luis Santamaría, miembro de la Red Iberoamericana de Estudio de …
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The Pope’s new Coptic secretary: Islam is a “culture of death”

This is odd and surprising. It would seem most likely that the Pope wanted a secretary from the Islamic world to show his favorable view of Islam, and is unaware of Father Yoannis Lahzi Gaido’s previous statements. He will undoubtedly soon find out,…
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Holy Cannoli
This could get VERY interesting.
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FL Teacher Banned Bible from 'Free Reading' Time in Classroom

Photo ~ Swornia D. Thomas 5th Grade Teacher Officials at Broward County Public Schools banned a fifth grader from reading the Bible during “free reading” time, according to lawyers from the Liberty Institute who are threatening to sue the school …
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Holy Cannoli
Terminate or at least suspend this witch. If she returns, she must issue a groveling apology and agree to do at least 40 hours of community service … [More]

The Alleged Apparitions at Garabandal, Spain

Msgr. Jose Vilaplana, Bishop of Santander, Spain In answer to questions about the alleged Marian apparitions at Garabandal, Spain, Bishop Jose Vilaplana sends the following response to inquirers. Diocese of Santander Some people have been coming …
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Apparitions/Private Revelations

Catechism of the Catholic Church: 66 "The Christian economy, therefore, since it is the new and definitive Covenant, will never pass away; and no new public revelation is to be expected before the glorious manifestation of our Lord Jesus Christ." …
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Holy Cannoli
In November 1983, Bishop Žanić of the diocese of Mostar-Duvno, in which Medjugorje is situated, sent a study on Medjugorje to the Congregation for … [More]
Holy Cannoli
Certainly, however, the faithful benefit the most from the judgment of the bishop of the diocese in which the apparition occurs. He has the authority… [More]

Egypt dig unearths 'early image of Jesus'

Photo ~ A miraculous discovery! An underground room dating from the sixth century holds an image of a young man with curly hair, who appears to be giving a blessing (pictured) and one expert thinks it could be one of the earliest paintings of Jesus …
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A Few Things I Need To Ask Pope Francis When He Calls

Everyone knows by now that Pope Francis likes to call up unsuspecting people on the phone and make their day. This warm and personal pastoral technique also seems to have made quite the day for a number of liberal Catholic commentators and secular …
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We Can’t Afford Married Priests?

Photo ~ Fr Dwight Longenecker, a former Anglican minister who entered the Roman Catholic Church in 1995. Fr. Dwight is an author, speaker, and parish priest serving at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish in Greenville, South Carolina. Con: “We can’t affo…
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The liberal population really is obsessed with wanting to see priests having sex! They ether want heterosexual priests having sex, or gay practicing … [More]
Holy Cannoli
For the U of IL, tuition, room and board and misc expenses for residents total $30 - $35k/year. For non-residents it's $10k more. -------------------… [More]
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The Marian Shrine of Medjugorje Not Recognized

The Vatican investigation of the not recognized Marian Shrine of Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina is closed. This was confirmed this Saturday Vatican by spokesman Federico Lombardi. On Friday, the international commission of inquiry chaired by …
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To tell you the truth is just sad, when father Malachi Martin said that he has big reservations about medjugore, I try to informed myself, and what … [More]
Verdict on Medjugorje nears as Commission claims apparitions are “no hoax” THE MEDJUGORJE INQUIRY COMMISSION HAS CONCLUDED ITS WORK The dossier on … [More]