Jun 23 - Homily: Meek, Sacred Heart of Jesus

Fr. Ignatius on the meekness and mercy of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the face of being crucified. Justice would say that the crucifixion should condemn all mankind, but instead it is the source of mercy for all. Ave Maria! Mass: Sacred Heart of … [More]
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Jun 22 - Homily: St. Thomas Moore, Integrity and Intelligence

Fr. Ignatius on the life of St. Thomas Moore, his great integrity, piety and intelligence. With these gifts that he cooperated with he was able to resist King Henry VIII as he broke away from the Church even though the only bishop who did not cave … [More]
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Dr Stuart Reiss
He's a local Chelsea man. And it's a special grace that I live so close to his former property. Apparently there's a mulberry tree planted by his … [More]

Jun 21 - Homily: Aloysius: Love of God and Neighbor

Fr. Ignatius on the life of St. Aloysius Gonzaga and how his extraordinary innocence was an expression of his great love of God and his extraordinary penitence, an expression of his love of neighbor. Ave Maria! Mass: St. Aloysius Gonzaga - Mem www.… [More]
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Jun 18 - Homily - Fr Jacinto: Body of the Lord

On this great Solemnity, Fr. Jacinto shares with us the teachings of the Church on the Most Holy Eucharist as well as what this means for us in our lives. He encourages us to make Holy Hours and reminds us the importance of receiving Our Lord in … [More]
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Jun 17 - Homily - Fr Jacinto: Taking Oaths

Reflecting on Our Lord's words in the Gospel today, Fr. Jacinto reflects upon the practice of taking oaths. Ave Maria! Mass: Saturday 10th Week of Ordinary Time - Wkdy 1st: 2co 5:14-21 Resp: psa 103:1-… [More]
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Jun 15 - Homily - Fr Ignatius: Beatitudes on Anger

Fr. Ignatius preaches on the beatitudes, specifically on what they say about anger. Thou shall not kill, also includes unlawful anger. He contrasts this with just anger. Ave Maria! Mass: Thursday 10th Week of Ordinary Time - Wkdy… [More]
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Jun 14 - Homily: Old Law, New Spirit

Fr. Ignatius on the contrast in today's readings between the letter of the law in the old covenant and the spirit of Christ and His Gospel in the new covenant. Ave Maria! Mass: Wednesday 10th Week of Ordinary Time - Wkdy… [More]
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Jun 11 - Homily - Fr Jacinto: The Greatest Mystery

After celebrating the great mysteries of our faith in receding weeks, today we celebrate the greatest mystery of them all - The Most Holy Trinity. The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches us that "The mystery of the Most Holy Trinity is the … [More]
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Jun 10 - Homily - Fr Jacinto: A Valuable Lesson

Our Lord teaches us a valuable lesson in the parable of today's Gospel. Where the rich had put in large sums of money from there surplus, the poor widow, putting in just a penny, is the one that put in more in the eyes of the Lord. A small act done … [More]
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Jun 09 - Homily: Let the Word Dwell In You Abundantly

Fr. Ignatius on how we should let the Word of God dwell in us abundantly. We should do this by reading, praying, singing and living the Gospels. Father points to St. Ephrem whose feast it is today as an example. Ave Maria! Mass: St. Ephrem - Opt Mem … [More]
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Jun 07 - Homily: They will be Like Angels

Fr. Ignatius on the life in heaven, how we will be like the angels, living pure and blessed lives with God. Ave Maria! Mass: Wednesday 9th Week of Ordinary Time - Wkdy 1st: tob 3:1-11, 16 Resp: psa 25:… [More]
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Jun 03 - Homily - Fr Jacinto: The Seed of Christians in Ugunda

Fr. Jacinto gives us the background/history of the Ugandan martyrs (St. Charles Lwanga and Companions). The King of Uganda who was very corrupt had ordered the death of the Ugandan martyrs. The Ugandan martyrs: their martyrdom led to the birth of … [More]
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Jun 02 - Homily: Prayer for the Gift of Truth

Fr. Ignatius preaches on the coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost that we celebrate this Sunday. He focuses on the ability of the Holy Spirit to give us the gift of Truth if we are open to it through prayer. Ave Maria! Mass: Friday 7th Week of … [More]
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May 31 - Homily: Visitation of Mary and the Holy Spirit

Fr. Mathias on the Visitation of Mary to St. Elizabeth and how the Holy Spirit speaks through both of them. Father relates the Holy Spirit to Our Lady by calling him the Uncreated Immaculate Conception. Ave Maria! Mass: Visitation of Our Lady (Opt … [More]
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May 28 - Homily: A Particularly Christian Paradox

Jesus tells us to be in the world but not of the world. Other religions are completely of this world (paganism, deism), project this world into the higher reality (Islam), or reject this world (Buddhism). Jesus gives us the paradoxical precept of … [More]
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May 27 - Homily: Jesus Tells It Plainly

In today's Gospel, Jesus is speaking with His disciples, His 'inner circle,' at the Last Supper. He tells them that He is about to stop speaking in parables and tell them clearly about the Father, the completion of His mission. But was not His … [More]
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May 26 - Homily: Fiery Humor of St. Phillip Neri

Fr. Matthias on the life of St. Phillip Neri and his unique relation to God where he felt an incredible fire of love in his heart combined with a great sense of humor and was so effective at evangelizing Rome. Ave Maria! Mass: St. Philip Neri - Mem … [More]
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Fr. Angelo Geiger - The Benedict Option from a Franciscan Perspective - CONF 369

Ave Maria! Fr. Angelo Geiger gives a conference to the Third Order members on the widely popular book "The Benedict Option". In this conference, Fr. Angelo Geiger: Compares and Contrasts Benedictine and Franciscan traditions. Explains why Dreher's (… [More]
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May 24 - Homily: Basilica of St. Francis

Fr. Matthias gives the homily on the Feast of the Dedication of the Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi. He points out that Francis who always sought the lowest place in life was honored with a tremendous basilica upon his death and how this … [More]
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May 21 - Homily: We are Not Orphans, But Witnesses

Today's Gospel links love and obedience, and this is fingernails on chalkboard, Fr. Angelo tells us, to the modern world enamoured with rights without obligations and love without commitment. The words of Jesus in the Gospel: "If you love me, you … [More]
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