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Heartwarming: What catholics have lost

St. Mary's Academy & College - Christmas Appeal Video 2013 -- Society of St. Pius X
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WUNDERBAR!!!!!!!! Vielen Dank der Prieserbruderschaft St.Pius X !!! Ohne die Priesterbruderschaft wäre soetwas Vergangenheit und heute … [More]
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Ædificate ergo ac nostra tellus, communitates aedificare, aedificant fidem, per ómnia sæcula
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Obama is really our enemy, eh?

Confirmed: President Obama to speak again at Al Smith fundraiser for NY Catholic Charities by John-Henry Westen Tue Jul 31 4:06 PM EST NEW YORK, July 31, 2012 ( – Although controversy dogged his first appearance at the charity’s …
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Three's the charm to that Sicilian Message!
Holy Cannoli
Socrates writes: ...detraction and insults are a shameful and hateful thing to do and in the very same sentence, the plagiarist / Guardian of Illegal… [More]