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Estimated 1 Million + March in Paris Against Gay 'marriage' Plans

A million. And more. The turnout for this Sunday's demonstration against French President Francois Holland's move to legalize same-sex "marriage" reached gigantic and even un-hoped for proportions.
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!!! France enfin se réveiller à la vie !!!
Raise your kids to know the truth about the perversion of homosexuality. They are being brainwashed into believing it is just another way of living.
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Unnatural Law: The A-hole Cop?

Unnatural Law: The A-hole Cop? I have said this on more than one occasion, but, I am not shy so I will say it clearly again. When the people do not even know what it means to be human, when they …
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Video in the Above Link! 더보기
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Bishop Fellay: "we thank God" There Was No Agreement With Rome

By John Vennari of Catholic Family News: Bishop Fellay on Pope Francis “What we have before us is a genuine Modernist!” Bishop Bernard Fellay warned on October 12, “The situation of the Church is a …
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Ben Martin
Francis calling his predecessors (Benedict, John Paul II, Paul VI and John XXIII) 'narcissists' who let themselves be flattered by the 'papal court' … 더보기
Read More at Above LINK

Vatican Analyst Warms of Global 'War' Against Christians :: Catholic News Agency

Denver, Colo., Oct 6, 2013 / 04:06 pm (CNA).- In his new book “The Global War on Christians,” Vatican analyst John Allen, Jr. details anti-Christian abuse worldwide, drawing light to the tremendous …
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Catholic Rebel Kueng, 85, Considers Assisted Suicide

(Reuters) - Hans Kueng, Roman Catholicism's best known rebel theologian, is considering capping a life of challenges to the Vatican with a final act of dissent - assisted suicide. Kueng, now 85 and …
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Uncle Joe
In a better time and place, he would have been burned at the stake long before his 85 birthday.

Pope Benedict XVI: "We Have a Positive Idea To Offer"

In an exclusive interview with German media conducted last week, Pope Benedict XVI addressed issues of marriage and family, world peace and intercultural dialogue as well as the future of the …
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Fox News And The Homosexual Agenda

Thought Fox news was conservative? Think again!
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Pius XII Knew He Would Be Misunderstood, Theologian Says

Vatican City, Sept. 26, 2013 (CNA/EWTN) A priest who knew Pius XII personally and had access to "every strip of paper" in the Vatican archives says the pontiff believed he did the right thing during …
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On Guard
It is a Catholic shame that a Pope like Pope Pius XII had to be considered for canonization AFTER John XXIII and John Paul II. Did we have to wait … 더보기

Pope Benedict Challenges Atheist, Says He Never Hid Abuse Cases

(Sept. 24, 2013) VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- In a letter to an atheist Italian mathematician, retired Pope Benedict XVI defended his own handling of allegations of the sexual abuse of minors by clergy and …
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"The Rite of Sodomy" - Homosexuals in the Roman Catholic Church

Mic'd Up/Michael Voris-(9/20/13) Investigative journalist and author, Randy Engel, joins Michael Voris to talk about her landmark book "The Rite of Sodomy". Over the course of 1,300 pgs and 3,000 … 더보기
@CiCi....if you "can not listen to this guy ......" nobody forced you to click onto the video, unless you are seeking others to agree with your … 더보기
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2,000 Sign White House Petition: Give Obama's Nobel Peace Prize To Putin

(CNSNews.com) - More than 2,000 people have signed a new "We the People" petition posted last week on the White House website requesting that President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize be given to Russian …
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Pope Francis Bows To Refrigerator, Houseplant

Sept 12, 2013 VATICAN CITY -- As head of state at the Vatican, as well as leader of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics, Pope Francis broke protocol yet again this morning when he bowed to his …
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Is this an onion article? I am an idiot when comes to humor sometimes... Because I think this one is almost as funny as when it was reported that … 더보기
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Nation's Catholics Demand Better Catechesis To Better Understand What Teachings To Ignore

Washington, D.C. 12/12 Thousands of the nation's ill-catechized Catholics protested outside the USCCB headquarters in Washington, DC last night, demanding better catechesis so as to better understand…
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Britain Will Stand With U.S. as Kerry Raises Legacy of the Holocaust and Rwanda

(Sept. 9, 2013) The US will have the "full diplomatic support" of Britain, Mr. Hague said and he "fully respects" the decision of Parliament to vote against intervention. David Cameron had worked …
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Catholics Voice Diverse Views on Gun Ownership

Pittsburgh Catholic - (Sept. 6, 2013) Father Greg Swiderski recalls two incidents in his life that cause him to become active in opposition to the possession of guns. "At a very personal level, havin…
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SSPV Apologize After Drone Targeting Novus Ordo Mass Accidentally Dropped On Taliban

Hoboken, NJ -- (June, 2013) An SSPV drone strike has accidentally killed three and injured four other Taliban members living in the U.S. Saturday, a spokesman for the Society confirmed before …
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holyrope 3
Good one Fidelium! www.latinmasstimes.com
love it!
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Mexican 'Priest' Uses Water Gun

2/13 - Mexican 'priest' Juan Ramon Hernandez of Mexico plays watergun with the children during 'mass.'
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I thought they celebrate "Santa Muerte"... or is this just part of it?
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Pro-Life Youth Congress

Join in learning to be a strong and courageous leader in the pro-life movement - Information and Registration at: www.prolifeyouthcongress.com
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Crave You- Tap Tronic Remix

Bringing Tap back.
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now i want to see riverdance.,,,
Very good!Tap dancing is a uniquely American expression, I'm glad to so it's not lost.
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Honza Blaha - open borders

Lots of love, dedication and perseverance
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Cannoli...thought the same thing!
Holy Cannoli
A beautiful video. When I read the title "Open Borders" I thought it was going to deal with something like this.