Is a Sin To Recieve Communion in Hand

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How Communion in the Hand began.

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If a person should see Our Lord fall to the ground and not pick the Holy Eucharist up, that is a deplorable SIN! A gentleman we know found a Host outside the church in the parking lot laying there on the ground, I wonder if anyone else saw the Host and never bothered to pick it up. But when this man did, he immediately brought it inside and told the pastor where he found it; the pastor's words,..… More
Communion in the hand has caused Our Lord in the Eucharist to fall onto the ground, for people to walk over where He fell? Has He not Fallen enough for us, Yes!

I, myself have witness Him falling onto the floor THREE TIMES IN TWO WEEKS. The Holy Father is quite aware of the abuses taking place with communion in the hand and that is why he wishes those who receive from him to be kneeling and …
Saint Thomas Aquinas reminds us that reverence demands that only what has been consecrated should touch the Blessed Sacrament. By baptism, the Christian has been consecrated to receive the Lord in Holy Communion, but not to distribute the Sacred Host to others or unnecessarily to touch it.. He says, "To touch the Sacred Species and to distribute them with their own hands is a privilege of the … More
Hi,I attend the Novus Ordo Mass, at the Fathers of Mercy, in The Chapel of Divine Mercy. If any one wants to find out if it is valid, come just once!

There may be valid points in this vid - but could someone please re-post it with a human reading the commentary rather than a machine? I think there are real points to be addressed but to have a synthetic voice 'speaking' the text causes one to switch off. Thanks.
Hi,If a neo-protestant gives you enough rope, even if he says it's a "Holyrope" you can hang yourself with it!

Be very careful when you listen to disobedient, radical, traditionalist! They are holding hands with the author of division.